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Organizing your business is easier than ever!

Is keeping your business organized important to you? A decade ago this question could be answered with a few excel files on your computer and a bunch of folders on your desk shelf. Today, competition and the need for rapid adaptation require a different kind of settlement, which will offer your customers additional services and give you a competitive advantage. A server will help you achieve important steps in organazing your business.


What is a server?

Simply put, a server is a computer that is customized for a specific use. This computer is located under special cooling and ventilation conditions, inside a data center. The Data Center location can be anywhere in the world but countries with a developed cable and fiber optic network are preferred. The server used special software, its constantly powered on and connected to the internet at high speeds.

Digitally organize your business

  • Communicate, share files and contacts with your salespeople and employees through your server wherever they are with one click.
  • Manage your customer base and your warehouse remotely in zero time, offering instant information to your business employees and your customers.
  • Protect your applications and valuable data as well as your communication in a secure environment.
  • Use your server effectively by installing useful promotional and marketing applications for your business.
  • Install accounting software that enables electronic invoicing, bypassing the costly and time consuming use of the printer.
  • Digitize all your business files, archive your old data, set access levels, and find what you're looking for in no time.
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A server can become your remote and "silent" assistant 24 hours a day, while at the same time it is the most advanced and direct way to manage many of your daily tasks. Therefore, we offer ready-made installation "packages" on your server, depending on the size, activity and needs of your business.


Most modern businesses already use some ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software. These systems provide a number of functions for the production, warehousing, accounting and general operation of a business or organization.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a useful and essential way to maintain your customer base and organize your communication, your offers to your customers and to oversee or improve the overall performance of your sales.


In most cases, companies that want prestige and security, choose to maintain control of the files and use professional email addresses unded their own domain name, rather than webmail solutions (eg gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc).


Your business files can now be stored digitally on your server. You can access them anytime from anywhere, without the need for your presence in the business. At the same time you are given the ability to set different access levels, thus protecting files and sensitive data.


If you have a website or blog on the internet, you already have a little experience in so-called "hosting". On your new server, you have the ability to host this page and many more. You can simply forget the cost of hosting your website to external providers.


Your business may include a support department for your customers. Whether it is technical support or you want to communicate via live chatbox, your server can handle this use. Use it to bring life to your online presence and offer valuable services to your audience.


Your customers can now familiarize themselves with the electronic search of your products, search and check their availability, download or update your price list, while with simple procedures they can send or update their orders to your company at any time of the day.


Receiving online payments is now made easier by connecting your systems to a secure SSL environment through your server. Any interface script with banking institutions and transaction processing services can be integrated into your applications and receive payments from your customers automatically.


Any dynamic promotional and marketing services your business uses, can now be set up in one place and run smoothly through your server. This way, you can effectively plan your campaigns and incorporate automations to display leads and potential customers directly within your CRM, instantly informing your sales people about upcoming sales opportunities.

Why does a business need a server?


We mostly focus on using popular and reliable open source applications (Open Source Software) on our servers. Below we provide some indicative solutions for various sectors, while it is possible to install commercial and custom applications if required.

* We recommend and support the installation and usage of open source software. i-Pins is not affiliated in any way with the above trademarks, which are indicative and belong exclusively to the organizations that represent them.


At i-Pins we understand that not everyone is familiar with internet technology. You will not hear vague or complex technical terminology from us. Our job is to guide you to what your business really needs, and not just deliver any solution to a project because we were asked to do so.

Web design

We specialize in building professional websites for any use, either through management systems or through custom development. With our rich experience of more than 25 years in the field of internet technology, we make sure that the end result will be the most suitable for the use you want. This way you can be certain that your website reflects the true picture of your business, and will not be lost among the thousands of other websites on the internet.


Building an online store involves multiple and important factors. If you want your online store to perform, it should be developed by people with knowledge and experience in the field of e-commerce. Thus, we invite you to discuss with us all these functional details that will determine the efficiency of your store, not only during its development, but also for its future use.


We provide specialized programming solutions, custom commercial applications and CRM & ERP systems for companies and professionals who want to digitally organize their business activities. With the ability to install on our own servers and the support of our well-trained and specialized staff, what you may finaly expect is a highly effective result that provides real solutions for your business.

Web hosting

At i-Pins we have the ability to offer our own custom web hosting packages, for online stores, websites, e-mails, and commercial applications tailored to your needs. With proper use and management of state-of-the-art servers and the installation of the most up-to-date operating systems, we are available to provide reliable and affordable solutions, without compromising on the speed, the resources or the quality of our services.


More and more modern businesses nowadays are turning their attention and are willing to adopt digital marketing promotional methods. Utilizing our know-how and our experience in digital marketing, but also our advanced infrastructure, we have the ability to provide integrated marketing services for our customers with advertising campaigns, social media management, email marketing, SEO & SEM, as well as additional methods generally used in wider marketing sector.


Installation of a website or an application is the initial part. What is required in addition is the continuous involvement of a specialist who will maintain and update the system on a regular basis. For most companies this may be a problem, either because highly specialized people are required, or due to lack of time. At i-Pins we solve such problems for you, by providing services for the complete management of your network applications from our highly skilled personnel on a monthly or annual basis.

What our customers say

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Orthodoxian EU

Christian art
quote With the help and the valuable contribution of i-Pins we completed the portal we use to support our customers. The brand new ordering management along with the customised logistics program that was installed, provided a new an much faster processing workflow to our internal procedures. quote
quote We started using a CRM system about 6 years ago. Since then, the whole structure of our work has changed for the better. We did not regret that we installed our server through i-Pins since their support was quite fast and effective whenever we needed it. quote

Elagris ML

Organic foods

Biocellar EU

Food store
quote Our online store started operating with the best specifications, development and supervision from the people of i-Pins. Thanks to their help and useful suggestions for our e-commerce marketing, we soon started to gain a remarkable market share by constantly increased happy customers. quote
quote We were informed by our acquaintances about the consistency and professionalism of i-Pins. Their initial advices and suggestions were true and honest, so we trusted them from the very beginning for the development, graphic design, and hosting of our website and so far our cooperation with them is impeccable. quote

Ellispontos GR

Gifts & Crafts

Data centers

Our servers can be hosted in four different countries, you can select the region depending on the usage, or contact us to request a new location to be managed by us.







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